What to expect from your first yoga class

Yoga is an amazing practice that welcomes everyone!

My yoga classes and workshops welcome seasoned yogis and complete beginners. If you're considering giving yoga a try for the first time, then here is my guide of what to expect at your first yoga class.

1. What do I need to wear?

You will see yogis wearing all sorts of clothes on the mat. Leggings are popular because tight fitting clothing will prevent slipping and can make movement more comfortable. However, I have seen yogis wearing jogging bottoms, shorts and harem pants. Wear what you feel comfortable in and don't feel as though you need to invest in new yoga clothes.

2. Should I bring my own mat?

I always prefer to take my own mat to class, but this definitely isn't essential. If practicing in a studio you can use their mat or layer your own over a studio one for added cushioning.

When attending one of my classes outside of a studio I have a limited number of mats available on a first come, first serve basis so if you can bring your own that would be wonderful but if you just want to see if yoga is for you then use one of my mats, that's no problem!

3. Do I need to be super flexible and strong?

No! Yoga is for everybody's body! In fact, I'm not flexible and came to the practice recovering from a long period of illness. I've built strength and balance and improved my flexibility over the last five years through yoga. My classes are suitable for all, whether you struggle to touch your toes or can put your foot behind your head.

4. Will you speak in Sanskrit?

I may occasionally make reference to Sanskrit names for poses or discuss yogic philosophy to offer you a focus point during your practice. I will always offer the English translation of the pose names and any reference to yogic philosophy is non-denominational and is there for those who enjoy learning about this ancient practice. If this element isn't for you, don't worry you can focus on your breath instead!

5. What should I do to prepare?

Make sure you eat well throughout the day but leave about an hour between your last meal and the lesson. Bring a bottle of water to take small sips during your practice. Other than that give yourself plenty of time to arrive so that you can enjoy the class. I recommend arriving five minutes before the class begins.

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